Tis The SweetJack Season

I’ve been told a couple times today that it’s too early to start talking about Halloween. But while some are still enjoying the technical last few days of summer with tank tops and cold toddies, others are sporting boots and wrapping up in scarves to welcome the teasing early days of fall. (Even if it was only for a few days)

Me? Besides anticipating cool weather and fun fright nights already, I am just looking for a little excitement on a Monday, no matter the temperature or foliage pattern. Luckily, Jack digs up deals that save us money any time of the year, whether a good meal that takes me across the ocean for succulent Italian pasta or south of the border for festive guacamole and fried plantains, or a trip to the mountains to wind my way through a corn maze, or something much less romantic, Fight Night at Wild Bill’s.

Jack’s not picky about finding a great deal, but he’s got a good nose for what’s the most fun, so I’m using my Monday to shop the half-off store for any-season fun! Who’s with me?