Happy Birthday to Me!

It’s been a big day friends! Yesterday, I purchased my first SweetJack (actually spent my money and didn’t use my freebie credits from inviting friends)! OXXO Dry Cleaners is my all time fav and since I lived in Florida (where there’s an OXXO on every corner) for the last few years, I am a loyal customer. As soon as I found out they are two seconds away from our office in Buckhead, my heart melted with comfort. I immediately took all of my wrinkled clothes (and by that I mean ALL of my clothes) from the move to get cleaned and back to a wearable state. Here’s how it went down—I dropped off all my clothes and I spent a fortune! I didn’t care because I knew what an amazing job they would do and I knew what I was paying for, but what happens when you come to your senses and realize you need to save a little bit? A light bulb goes off! I checked out our “green” deals online and saw that we only have a limited amount of OXXO deals left. What’s more is that OXXO is coming up as the featured deal this weekend, and with not much inventory left, it’s going to sell out quick! Hurry and buy yours – I promise you won’t be disappointed. Your clothes are organically cleaned, never burned or ruined like at the typical, so-called “reliable” dry cleaner, and can be picked up or dropped off anytime of the day! Have you ever been so excited about laundry? I heart you OXXO.

Happy Thursday all, check in with you next week.