Fantasy Football and Fantastic Deals

Hello Jack fans!

If you’re anything like me, then you are basking in a glorious season of The South’s finest sporting event—football! Not only has the college season begun, but the NFL made its debut this weekend, sending my every idle moment into checking Fantasy scores, paying extra close attention to players and statistics that don’t matter to anyone else, sporting game-day colors at any opportunity and giving everyone an extra few greetings of endearment to fellow alumni and football friends (Rise Up!). And it goes without saying, with football comes tailgating, and at any respectable tailgate, comes great finger food. And NOW, even if you aren’t tailgating in Atlanta, Jack’s got you great deals on phenomenal finger food. Fans in Dallas? Get greasy, finger-lickin’ good grub at Zeke’s Fish & Chips… Houston? How about a brunch buffet before kickoff, courtesy of Le Peep? Atlanta? We’ve got a your game day out at Tilted Kilt for wings and—uhhh—great atmosphere! So get your team spirit in high gear. The season for Fall, Football and Finger Foods has arrived!