Let’s Talk About Saks (Off 5th)


There are over 66 Saks Off 5th locations throughout the country. That means rows upon rows of runway designer goodness marked down from 40 percent to 70 percent off.

Yes, today is the day we blatantly plug one of our deals, because when you can get half off Marc Jacobs, DKNY or Dior, it is kind of a big deal. In fact, the editorial staff at SweetJack views it as our public duty to let others know of the excellent fashion finds that await you inside the outlet for the most prestigious luxury department store in the country.

Basically, Saks Off 5th is the best of everything about shopping, since it combines Saks 5th Avenue merchandise and insanely marked down prices. Beautiful, high-quality clothes? Check. Getting those clothes for the cost of a knock-ff? Check!  Now go get dressed.

You can learn more about Saks Off 5th and use the store locator here.

You can indulge your inner fashionista without breaking with a 50% off voucher, courtesy of SweetJack, available here.

Hey, Saks-y lady!

Note: The SweetJack staff has first-hand experience with the Saks outlet, and can verify its awesomeness. Scores include BCBG dresses, Marc Jacobs shirts and designer jeans, most for over 60 percent off.

Apple WW Developer Conference


I’m a mac, not a PC. So when WWDC comes around every year I wonder what better and brighter equipment Apple has on the horizon. Every year, I’m curious if their progress will be as dramatic as last year’s, and, not surprisingly–I’m never disappointed.

iOS 7

I’m pretty far behind on the iPhone train. Yes I have one, but I’m still using iPhone 4 (GASP!). I was really hoping for a new iPhone announcement now that it’s time for me to upgrade (stupid two-year contract), but I’ll settle for a new, spiffy operating system.


Apple operating systems progress at an alarming rate. Just when you think it can’t get any smoother, easier, more user-friendly, they announce Mavericks. Can’t wait for the fall.

iTunes Radio

When you already have the majority of the world’s credit cards on file so people can buy music whenever they please, what do you do next? Take over radio, duh! Unlimited skips, better quality if song already exists in your library, and a far better understanding of what you actually listen to…sounds like the kind of radio I want to tune in to.

iWork for iCloud

The cloud is where your personal life and your professional life exists in a fluffy white space. Now it looks more seamless and has more compatibility with non-apple devices.

iCloud Keychain and Activation Lock

New security features will keep you safe without acting like hulking bodyguards that are constantly in the way.

Mac Pro

Not just unlike any Mac Pro, this innovative device is unlike any computer you’ve ever seen.

Apple is known for constantly innovating technology. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up, but ultimately, the world’s a better place because of the minds that keep Apple fresh. To learn more about all the announcements made at WWDC 2013, click here.

Kristen is SweetJack’s editorial assistant direct from the Big Apple. With a knack for the ins and outs of copy, this unassuming Jersey girl’s got southern charm to boot.

Top 10 Contest Captions We Love

183191_373511546087021_1229520393_nFor our Facebook caption contest, we asked our readers to come up with a funny phrase to describe these chicks on a joyride, revving up to use their gift cards at Ryan’s®, Old Country Buffet®, Country Buffet®, HomeTown® Buffet and Fire Mountain®!

The top prize was a $25 SweetJack Credit. Here’s a list of our ten favorites including our number one pick:

Girl in blue, ” And then he asked me if I was going to take him!” — Mina Farman

“You didn’t sneak a cookie into your purse, tell me you didn’t?” – Paula Osborne

“Drivin’ down the highway, to HomeTown Buffet, gonna eat my heart, so I’ll be full all day!” – Shabby Eslami

“We’re way too cute to wear seat belts!” — Gary Crooms

“Yeeeea! We’re the only two people in America who still use a map…” — Steve King

“Remember our old frenemy, Sarah? Well, I’ve got a plan to keep her out of that wedding dress… Let’s go get her…We’re going on a buffet tour!” — April Edens

“Don’t look now but there’s an old man in the car next to us and he’s winking at you!” – Julie Elenbaas

“Let’s get food drunk!” — Erica Mann

“Jack, take the wheel! I’ve gone blind from the awesomeness of it all!” – Christine Leilani Winter Morales

“Girls just wanna have dinner rolls.” — Victor Miltiades

Jack Gets a Makeover

When we began working on SweetJack’s new identity, we knew from the beginning that we needed a new Jack. With eyes.

New Jack

We wanted Jack to have personality, some depth, and to be more fun-loving.

There was talk of getting rid of Jack altogether. Why do we need a dog in our branding? What is his purpose? Will Jack talk? How would this affect our editorial voice?

But people identify with Jack. When we took him off our checks, there was backlash from accounting! When someone was handed our old business card, the first thing they said was how cute the dog is. Our Jack 365 campaign has gotten more buzz than any other social media effort to date.

National Croissant Day

So, Jack is here to stay.

My main stipulation for creating Jack was that he had to be drawn by hand. In today’s digital world, it is all too easy to trace an image from the internet and call it a day. Not this time.


I began working on several different Jacks with good old pencil and paper. First I started with his head. I found a few images of russell terriers that had sweet faces.


The eyes have been the hardest part to get right. Too much catch light in the pupils, and he looks scary. Too much white fur around the eyes and the separation from eye to fur becomes unclear. Too much darkness and he looks soulless. No wonder the old Jack didn’t have eyes.


There was also a lot of back and forth about how furry to make him. Too much and he doesn’t accurately represent a Russell Terrier. Too little and he looked like one of those weird hairless cats.


The Collar

Alex, the (at the time) VP of Marketing, is a dog lover through and through, and requested that we put a rolled leather collar on Jack. She has one on her dog, and loves it. So I went with the look of a rolled leather collar with our branding mark as the tag.

In parallel to our work on Jack, we were tasked with creating a new mark as a part of the new branding, a mark that would accurately represent who we are and what we do. After some sketching and doodling in the creative department, we came up with this:


As you can see, the hole for the metal plate is the dot for the “j” in SweetJack. I love it when everything comes together.

We won’t bore you with anymore details, you can learn more about the mark here.

For now we are launching the new Jack in bust form.

I had a mostly finished product of Jack sitting on his back haunches, but we have decided that we want Jack standing on all fours, ready to go fetch deals. So it’s back to the drawing board (literally!).

Stay tuned for Jack 2.1!

Sweet Shoppe Launch

Introducing The Sweet Shoppe, SweetJack’s new discounted product section. Stock up on your favorite gifts for him, her and everyone else on your list including whiskey stones, 14k white gold diamond stud earrings and an iPhone 5 case.

The Sweet Shoppe launches on Cyber Monday, November 26 at 12am with a special preview sale on Thursday, November 22 at 12am.

Don’t know what to get the person that has everything? SweetJack gift cards will finally go on sale Thursday! (Better late than never, huh?)

SUBTLE HINT: If you’re not signed up, sign up now at www.SweetJack.com for a members-only discount code to use Thanksgiving Day through Cyber Monday.

Don’t forget to enter SweetJack’s Holiday Shopping Giveaway! Enter to win a $5,000 Visa Gift card and get your gifts–on Jack. This contest ends December 12 so get a move on!