Happy Memorial Day!


Every year, we celebrate Memorial Day at the beach, the lake, whipping up grill favorites and spending some quality time with our loved ones. Before breakin’ out the barbecue, take a moment and give tribute to these amazing men and women serving our country!

Ten Facts

1. Memorial Day ties its origins all the way back to the Civil War where over 683,000 soldiers lost their lives.

2. The poppy is the signature flower of the holiday.

3. Many ceremonies and traditions have evolved including raising our flag to half-staff until noon and full-staff until sunset.

4. The original name of the holiday was first known as “Decoration Day.”

5. This day became a federal holiday in 1971.

6. In 2000, a moment of silence was passed as law at 3pm in observance of the soldiers–it’s considered illegal to talk!

7. The Indianapolis 500 has ran for over a century in conjunction with Memorial Day.

8. Memorial Day can also mark the start of summer, even though it’s technically not until June 21st, 2013.

9. Americans are said to consume 7 billion hot dogs from Memorial Day to Labor Day, thus kicking off what’s known as hot dog season.

10. Memorial Day is different from Veterans Day in that this holiday honors those who have died in battle and the latter all members of the military in war and at peace.

Lost Sock Memorial Day


This one goes out to all those lost socks out there. You know which ones you are. The aloe vera-infused socks I paid $6 for that winter when I thought I was going to die from a head cold, or those striped knee socks I used for slip slidin’ Risky Business-style around my kitchen, or even that one pair of white socks I used to workout all of two times last year.

Lost socks are part of life, whether you want to blame your messy roommate whose aroma from their room always faintly reminds you of that guy who came to all your freshman classes in pajama pants (you know that guy) or if you just want to admit defeat and buy another pair. As a talented lost-sock-finder and general sock enthusiast, I’ve decided to unleash my three go-to tricks when it comes to finding those pesky lost socks and turning that one lonely sock into a useful device you can’t live without–all in lieu of Lost Sock Memorial Day (yes, it’s a thing!).

Momentary freedom
Chances are your house is a mess, right? And who is going to cook beef stew for you and rub your aching feet and, here’s the kicker, ask for nothing in return? Why, house elves, dear muggle! With their helpful slav..err I mean, service we get twice as much cooking and cleaning done without any of the work. But alas, while you were working this whole time, your house elf has decided to grubbily steal all your socks in hopes of you presenting them with a piece of clothing and thus accidentally setting it free. What an ungrateful little creature.

Where to look: Check in between books, underneath your pillow and even in the fridge. Don’t fall for their trickery and when you do find one of their hidden gems, make sure to look your elf in the eye as you ball up their hopes and dreams.

All hail dryer god
It’s not a surprise that the old tale of your dryer eating your socks is true. To the unsuspecting observer it seems as if your dryer is another reliable appliance. However, you couldn’t be more wrong. Your dryer feasts on socks. In fact, socks are your dryers only source of nourishment. Take those solo socks away and your dryer will cease to dry. But now that you know your dryer is, indeed, eating all your socks, a simple act of asking for your socks back will set your lone rangers free.

Where to look: The dryer god is fickle, so I wouldn’t suggest just demanding your socks back. Start small and ask politely. Also, clean the lint trap.

Quarter for your thoughts
Lost sock victims: we’ve found a use for the lonely sock. When I can’t find its match (sigh..), I carry around a sock full of quarters–just in case. My trusty sidekick serves a couple of purposes. Say my debit card is rejected at the bar for the third time, my socky pal provides me with an alternate form of payment. Even better, if I do end up getting bombarded by an unfriendly civilian on my walk home, a simple sling of my sock full of quarters will enable me to make a quick getaway and do some damage to my assailant in the process.

Where to look: Check your usual route home from the nearest bar. Most likely you’ll find your precious sock…maybe with a few quarters missing but hey, at least you found it!

No socks were harmed in the making of this post.

Aubrie is SweetJack’s easygoing editorial assistant. A GCSU alum and Harry Potter aficionado, she enjoys graphic design, photography and stalking the pages of Gawker on a daily basis.

SweetJack Celebrates Two Years


After 730 days together, it’s official – this isn’t just puppy love. That’s right – two years ago our first deal blasted across radio airwaves and throughout cyberspace. Time flies when you’re having fun.

A lot’s happened since our exciting debut. To commemorate the occasion, we sat down with the movers and shakers behind SweetJack and its parent company, Cumulus.

(We also popped a little bubbly and ate way too much cake, but things quickly escalated and are no longer fit to print.)

Steve Thompson, Vice President of Sales

Why SweetJack?

I like how SJ offers bits of information that might be related to the offer itself. It helps emphasize what a great deal might be and how that deal might have more intrinsic value that as a customer you might have not thought about.

What has been the most exciting moment or advancement in SweetJack’s history thus far?

Adding Product and Travel categories to our mix in December!!!  Huge additions with big revenue impacts!!

Which deal or deal type do you buy most frequently?

Love using SJ for finding fun things to do around the city such as the Atlanta Steeplechase!!  Would have never done this without SJ offering this!   

JT Batson, Chief Revenue Officer of Cumulus Media

What opportunities does SweetJack offer its merchants and customers??

I see great potential in the opportunity to leverage the great radio, web and video content that SweetJack offers. When SweetJack thrives, we’re able to pass that value along to our insiders.

 Which deal or deal type do you buy most frequently?

One of my favorite things about living in New York is the abundance of quality eats to be found in every nook of the city. SweetJack gives me the inside scoop on cool restaurants I haven’t yet discovered.

What are your hopes and dreams for this exciting new venture? 

I want our SweetJack insiders to feel like we’ve always got their back, no matter what they’re seeking. From adventures to shopping to services and dining, with the power of SweetJack they can do more for less.

Daniel Caplin, Vice President of Social Commerce

What’s the coolest part of working for SweetJack?

Every few months there’s something majorly exciting since we’re constantly evolving to create a better user experience.  Right now we’re most excited about the new Sweet Deal of the Week we just launched in several cities across America and the Travel deals that are sending our SweetJack insiders around the globe in style.

With so many daily deal sites popping up, how does SweetJack rise above the fray?

Since we integrate with radio stations to promote the brand as well as our local and national deals, we’ve got a better proposition for everyone involved.  We cover over 90% of the US in radio markets, that’s 200 cities and 1400 radio stations!  We are able to bring more value to the merchant relationship, thereby attracting bigger deals and bringing more value to the consumer.

What’s the sweetest deal you’ve purchased?

Ziplining in North Georgia. I had a blast. I’m also stoked for this weekend’s Steeplechase. Our new Travel section is power-packed with great finds. I’m planning a birthday trip soon and browsing the SJ Travel site for a deal.

Michelle is SweetJack’s savvy Momma in residence but don’t let the bumpers and bibs fool you. This Staff Writer loves a witty Rap reference and a heavy pour of pinot.

Happy 2nd Birthday, SweetJack!


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