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Evolution Of The Bikini: 1900-Today


Throughout the decades, women’s swimwear has evolved from head-to-toe jersey material to showing off every curve and centimeter of skin. While still showcasing sexy, elegant and unique styles and designs with just a few inches of fabric, we can see how drastically our swimwear has evolved!

Early 1900s: Swimsuits were made of wool jersey would hug the woman’s body showing off her curves

1920s: Arms and legs were bare but women wore “athletic tank suits” made of jersey and wool

1930s: Designers complimented a woman’s shape with a corset-like swimsuits

1940s: World War II was the time of the “pin up” look with midriff and high-sitting bottoms

1950s: Suits were made of fabrics like cotton, stretch Latex, and elastic ruched waffle nylon

1960s: Suits were mainly made from nylon or Lycra or a mix of the two fabrics, revealing a little more skin

1980s: High-cut legs, neon and tropical prints proved very popular with women

1990s: The decade of the Tankini

Early 2000s: The one piece was reinvented with bold prints and cutouts to show more skin

Late 2000s: The triangle string bikini becomes widespread popular

Now: More covered-up styles are becoming more popular with tasteful cutouts and plunging necklines

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