Happy Birthday to Me!

It’s been a big day friends! Yesterday, I purchased my first SweetJack (actually spent my money and didn’t use my freebie credits from inviting friends)! OXXO Dry Cleaners is my all time fav and since I lived in Florida (where there’s an OXXO on every corner) for the last few years, I am a loyal customer. As soon as I found out they are two seconds away from our office in Buckhead, my heart melted with comfort. I immediately took all of my wrinkled clothes (and by that I mean ALL of my clothes) from the move to get cleaned and back to a wearable state. Here’s how it went down—I dropped off all my clothes and I spent a fortune! I didn’t care because I knew what an amazing job they would do and I knew what I was paying for, but what happens when you come to your senses and realize you need to save a little bit? A light bulb goes off! I checked out our “green” deals online and saw that we only have a limited amount of OXXO deals left. What’s more is that OXXO is coming up as the featured deal this weekend, and with not much inventory left, it’s going to sell out quick! Hurry and buy yours – I promise you won’t be disappointed. Your clothes are organically cleaned, never burned or ruined like at the typical, so-called “reliable” dry cleaner, and can be picked up or dropped off anytime of the day! Have you ever been so excited about laundry? I heart you OXXO.

Happy Thursday all, check in with you next week. 


Tis The SweetJack Season

I’ve been told a couple times today that it’s too early to start talking about Halloween. But while some are still enjoying the technical last few days of summer with tank tops and cold toddies, others are sporting boots and wrapping up in scarves to welcome the teasing early days of fall. (Even if it was only for a few days)

Me? Besides anticipating cool weather and fun fright nights already, I am just looking for a little excitement on a Monday, no matter the temperature or foliage pattern. Luckily, Jack digs up deals that save us money any time of the year, whether a good meal that takes me across the ocean for succulent Italian pasta or south of the border for festive guacamole and fried plantains, or a trip to the mountains to wind my way through a corn maze, or something much less romantic, Fight Night at Wild Bill’s.

Jack’s not picky about finding a great deal, but he’s got a good nose for what’s the most fun, so I’m using my Monday to shop the half-off store for any-season fun! Who’s with me?

Sushi, Pancakes, Tubing, Oh My!

So I finally used my first SweetJack deal last night. I can’t believe it has taken me this long to use one! I went to Biskoku Japanese Restaurant in Sandy Springs off of Roswell Rd. for some killer sushi. I would have to say the smoked salmon was my favorite. Mmmmm mmmm! And the lobster roll they had as a special was quite delicious too! The service was excellent and the ambiance was really nice. Probably one of the better sushi places I have been to. I would definitely check this place out if you’re a sushi fan.

And this weekend I am using more SweetJacks! haha, I just can’t stop now. Tomorrow morning I will be enjoying a huge stack of pancakes at the Original Pancake House in Alpharetta (http://sweetjack.com/coupon/182) and after that I am meeting a group of friends to go tubing down the Hooch! I am very pumped for some good times!!!

Anyone else using a SweetJack deal this weekend?

Have fun this weekend everyone!


Dallas and Houston : Thanks for the great trip

By Daniel Caplin

Last week, David Lubell and I made a quick trip to Dallas and Houston to meet face to face with the local teams. Man, were we impressed!!

The dallas cluster was full of spunk and has great leadership from Dan Bennett.  We talked a length with the sales and promotions team members and were inspired by there deep knowledge of the Dallas market and what great businesses they have lined up for our launch on Sept 6th.

We are happy to announce our newest hire for the Dallas team was finalized on that trip too.  Welcome to Buster Thibodaux.  His name is Buster! How Texas is that!?!

A nice dinner at Javiers on Thursday night,  David and I called it an early one, knowing we had to hit the road for Houston at 5:30 AM.

Houston was amazing too!  With top notch leadership from Donna Baker for the market, Kristi Callaway had taken charge and lined up a great deal of leads and meetings.  The entire sales team and marketing team were lining up to chat with David and I, eager to learn how SweetJack can be used to help drive traffic for their clients.

We were utterly impressed with their tenacity and enthusiasm.

Kristi & DonnaThe SweetJack signage arrived just as we were preparing to head out for the airport.  I grabbed a quick candid of Kristi and Donna for posterity.. thanks ladies for humoring me.

We can not wait to share our 1st deals in Dallas and Houston next month!   

Bobby Cox

I am looking forward to the pre-game ceremony at the Braves game tonight. They are retiring #6 in honor of Bobby Cox, one of the greatest coaches in all of sports. I went to the last game he coached last season when we lost to The Giants in the playoffs, so it will be great to see him back on the sandlot. Anyone else going to the game? I’ll see you at The Ted Atlanta!