“So, I have this SweetJack deal…. want to go out?”

This is kind of a branch off of Narsha’s post the other day. At what point can someone bust out the SweetJack vouchers on a date? First date, second date, or later on? Would you feel cheap using one when you first started dating someone? I had a really good first date last night. No I didn’t use a SweetJack! haha. Not yet atleast…

On a random side note, who are the Braves getting for the trade deadline? It’s driving me crazy. We have lost steam since the all star break. Who do you hope they pick up this weekend? I’m hoping for Upton!

Have a great weekend everyone! Enjoy the sunshine


Peak or Valance?

What a funny question to be asked… I guess that’s part of the process when designing tents for events! All SweetJack stickers, t-shirts, banners, dog collars, sweepstakes graphics, radio commercials, sales collateral, etc. have been finalized! WHAT A DAY. Look out for us around town as we make our rounds giving away free prizes for all sorts of fun stuff to do in this great city. What’s your absolute favorite activity? Maybe you’ll have a chance to win it! ;) Happy Thursday all, check in with you next week. 


Happy Wednesday! – It’s the perfect time to plan your weekend!

Weekend for two?

Since you like SweetJack, I know how much you love to save $$$.

Know what I’ve found makes saving even better? When I can save for two! So for those weekend plans involving you and your sweetheart, coordinate a date night with the awesome deals from SweetJack!

You’ll save twice as much meaning 2x the fun!

And don’t worry, I’ve got you covered if you need ideas on how to use SweetJack.com to its fullest canoodle-time saving potential:

  • If you’ve already got a main event lined up, supplement it with drinks & appetizers:


  • Two hearts beat louder than one- get those pulses racing double time with adventure outing i-deals (deal ideas) for you thrill-seeking couples:

  • And of course there’s something for the easy-going date-night. Mix and match these entertaining and delicious i-deals:

Go ahead… show your honey those “pocket”-smarts! Or, just use this as a great way to enjoy quality time, more often. ;)


And, of course, even if you aren’t looking to plan a weekend for two (maybe it’s a weekend for one? Or three? Or six?) Give SweetJack’s fun and thrifty deals a look. I know *I* will (and do)!

Happy planning! — (but don’t forget to enjoy the rest of your week!)

~ Narsha

The New iPhone App is Coming!

Thanks to everyone’s feedback, we have been working on an update to the sweetjack iPhone app.  Happily, it has been submitted to the app store and we are awaiting approval.


When the 1st app was designed, it was only conceived to show the featured deal of the day and allow you to redeem without paper.

Moving forward.. you can view and purchase any deal available from the site in the app as well., and unlike other sites, we don’t make you wait to redeem..    BUY & REDEEM INSTANTLY.  No tipping point required.. no waiting period (unless specifically noted).

Those of you with a truly mobile lifestyle can avoid their PC all together and only use the app for your SJ fix. 

Here is a screen shot to wet your appetite


Hoping you enjoy this new addition, coming soon to your iPhone.

If you want to download our app, check it out here.. http://itunes.com/app/sweetjack



It’s Friday!!!

I remember back in the day the saying for Friday was “TGIF”. Now Rebecca Black has ruined that. Everytime I think of Friday, I can’t get her song out of my head! Someone needs to change that quick. Am I the only one that can’t stop singing “It’s Friday, Friday, Friday” in my head all day? Uhhhh. I hate her…

Anyways, I am excited for this weekend! I will be at the Suwanee Beer Festival tomorrow. I definitely got the VIP ticket to get the extra hour of beer sampling in. I’ll be sporting my new SweetJack t-shirt. If you happen to be at the fest and spot a SweetJack shirt, say hey. I won’t bite…

Hope everyone has a killer weekend.