What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for? Secure your tickets to our launch event before they are gone.

Over half of the tickets have been claimed already, and we only announced the party 24 hours ago!  Here’s some Neon Trees to wet your whistle.  

Announcing the SweetJack launch Party!

Get ready to party!

Email and the World of Spam Filters

Some of you have let us know that you signed up for our email but are not getting them.

We are super sorry to hear that, and are working on the issue..  But in the mean time here is what you can do to ensure you get your Daily SweetJack newsletter.

1) check your spam folder… Because we are so new, many ISPs (gmail specifically) may have mistaken our email as spam.  

If you see our message in your spam folder, remove it from spam and place in your inbox.

2)GMAIL users:  

A) create a filter

B) In the FROM field: 
add the following text:  @email.sweetjack.com   


C) CHECK the boxes for

  • Never Send To Spam   
  • Also Apply to filter to___ conversations below


D) DONE: You’ll see the following confirmation

You will now get your lovely SweetJack emails and deals to your inbox.  GO GET IT!

An Amazing First Day

Thanks to all of you and your well wishes for our inaugural deal in Atlanta. There are many more amazing deals heading your way starting tomorrow. Be sure to check the side bar on the sweetjack home page for upcoming features and hookups!

SweetJack.com Launches April 11th

Get ready!